Boobs that aren’t censored

Self-examination continues to play an important role in detecting some of the early signs of breast cancer. The problem, however, is that many women still do not know what to check for when investigating their breasts for lumps. And this issue is further exacerbated by the fact that it remains a taboo to show women’s breasts in full in mainstream media.

What this means is that cancer awareness societies have a very difficult job when it comes to teaching women how to search for those tell-tale signs. Quite often, they have to use metaphors or euphemisms that are miles removed from actual breasts.

Well, Buenos Aires ad agency David has found a plausible solution.                   

While the media refuses to display female nipples, those attached to the chests of men are fair game. So in a new campaign, which doubles by drawing attention to the double standards in society, not-for-profit organisation Macma has used man’s body to show women how to conduct a self-check.

We can only hope that eventually these double standards are dropped entirely.  


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