BNZ to shut up shop to improve New Zealand’s financial literacy

Next week BNZ will be closing its doors for a day in the ninth year of its ‘Closed for Good’ campaign, which sees the bank’s staff share their financial know-how with New Zealanders.

Featuring BNZ staff, the ad explains this year’s iteration of ‘Closed or Good’ will see the bank team up with local organisations on 8 August to help their community be good with money. Kindergarteners, teens and seniors will be subject to the bank’s help.

The lessons in financial literacy will come in the form of tools including an interactive storybook, avatar-based apps, as well as online learning modules that will be available to all New Zealanders from 8 August.  

Kindergarteners will learn to distinguish what is a necessity and what is a treat, teens will trial scenarios that prepare them for financial independence and seniors will learn about internet banking as well as how to spot and avoid scams.

BNZ CEO Angie Mentis, says this year it’s building interactive tools to help communities be good with money using scenarios and language relevant to them.

“For some it’s the basics of helping them understand how choices drive outcomes and for others, it’s about offering a safe place to practice the skills you need to be safe online.

Outside of ‘Closed for Good’, BNZ is also educating New Zealanders about BNZ Convert It, an app converting a foreign currency into New Zealand dollars in a new ad. The app and ads have been developed with Colenso BBDO.

Made up of a montage of Kiwis shopping in different countries, the ad shares a similar vibe to the bank’s previous ‘Bank of You‘ ads.

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