Beyonce does haka, goes viral—UPDATED

After her October 19 show, Beyonce was treated to a haka performed by a local crew. Rather than cowering in fear like an international rugby opponent, Beyonce enthusiastically joined in and even gave a great Miley Cyrus impersonation at the end of her effort. While Beyonce certainly doesn’t have a shortage of Kiwi fans, this performance undoubtedly resulted in a few additions.

UPDATE: Back in 2006, Leo Burnett’s Turin office came under fire for running a Fiat TVC that depicted women doing the haka. The New Zealand Herald reported that then Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman Brad Tattersfield felt that the use of haka was culturally insensitive and inappropriate. Despite the complaints, Fiat proceeded to run the ad, and received a mixed response from the New Zealand public. At this stage, Beyonce’s rendition has largely been met with positive feedback from Kiwis, who welcome her enthusiasm.        


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