Better out than in: Outward Bound kicks off its 50th with TV push

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Outward Bound is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. So, to mark the occasion and show how the organisation has been unlocking Kiwi potential for 50 years, two 15 second TVCs—one aimed at those aged 18-26 years and another targeting those over 27—have set off on a journey of their own.  The ads were created by Senioragency, a global network that claims it can “help unlock the potential of the baby boomer market”, and backed by Outward Bound sponsor Hubbards.

“We needed to convey that the organisation has become part of the Kiwi psyche,” says Senioragency director Chris Schultz, who is also the strategic director at Spawn. “Like the great OE, Outward Bound is the OBE of achieving personal self development in an outdoors setting. Because the organisation has such wide appeal from young people through to mature adults, we needed to take a trans-generational approach.”

Schultz completed an Outward Bound course when he was 17 and he says that experience helped him to get to where he is today.

“We’ve worked on the Outward Bound account for the past four years and it’s particularly satisfying to now be involved in helping them to officially mark their 50th anniversary,” he says.

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