AUT’s AI + Communication Symposium to examine impact of AI in multiple sectors

To explore and address the implications of AI across various industries, AUT is hosting the AI + Communication Symposium on September 6, 2023.

This event aims to bring together researchers and enthusiasts from all walks of life to exchange knowledge, showcase research findings, and foster insightful discussions about the profound impact of AI on communication and beyond. The symposium is open to all, embracing a diverse audience eager to unravel the evolving relationship between AI and human interaction.

In 2023, Generative AI has captivated the public’s imagination, with its appeal bolstered by user-friendly tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E2. The widespread accessibility of these platforms has contributed to the increasing fascination with AI-generated content.

Throughout various industries, the extensive capabilities and potential risks of AI are becoming more apparent.

The Symposium will investigate AI’s impact across the following themes:  

  • AI as disruptor  
  • Revolutionising the creative process  
  • AI in the caring environment  
  • Exploring the effects of AI in the media  
  • AI in the creative industries  

The Symposium will finish with a panel discussion – Where to next? – chaired by Nigel Horrocks.  

Organiser of the Symposium, Associate Professor Angelique Nairn, says the Symposium is an opportunity for researchers, students and interested parties from industry to come together and discuss the disruption that generative AI is causing.

“Our research tells us there are many benefits provided by generative AI, but also many potential risks and disruptions. Our hope for the Symposium is some robust discussion about what is happening in New Zealand.”  

Registrations are open now for both in person and online attendance.   

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