ASB’s social development continues apace with Facebook payments

Fresh from being named as New Zealand’s best online bank by Canstar, and following on from the world’s first virtual Facebook branch in late 2010, ASB has taken the next logical step, with users soon able to make payments directly to their Facebook friends.

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Youtube Video

The new version of its mobile app,
which was launched last month and features a TVC showing the ‘dance of
the lost wallet’, allowed customers to transfer funds to others without
requiring they know the recipient’s bank account. Instead, cellphone
numbers and email addresses can be used to verify the transaction. TSB
recently launched its new app, replete with Bump technology, ANZ also allows mobile to mobile payments with goMoney on
iPhone, and with the likes of Google Wallet and other forms of NFC
payment coming on stream, it’s becoming even less likely EFTPOS-loving
Kiwis will have any cash in their pockets.

And from mid-July, ASB
Mobile users will be able to send and receive money via Facebook. Any
un-retrieved funds will be credited back to the payer after 14 days.

are increasingly engaging with friends, family and businesses through
social media and on average they have more Facebook friends than the
typical Facebook user globally,” says Anna Curzon, ASB’s general manager
of brand experience and digital channels. “We know from talking to our
customers that they are seeking out quicker, more convenient, and safer
ways to make payments that reflect their lifestyle. The next step in
this evolution is being able to seamlessly make payments from their
smartphone, using Facebook as a channel.”

One aspect of the
revamped ASB mobile app that had punters grumbling was the restriction
that meant it could only be used on one handset, which seemed at odds
with the fact that increasingly mobile users are juggling multiple
devices. That, too, will be addressed in the new release, with support
for multiple devices.

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