A memory backup for sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease

Tunisia-based 3SG BBDO has launched a new smartphone-based application that provides a means by which to support the cognitive functioning of those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Created in conjunction with Samsung with support from the Tunisian Alzheimer Association, the app uses the geo-location features of a smartphone to jog the memories of sufferers when they are about to encounter a loved one. In order to this, the app creates a linked map of all the people in the sufferer’s circle of close friends and family members. Then, when one of these loved ones approaches, the sufferer is sent a reminder of who he or she is about to engage with.

In doing so, the app makes it possible for the sufferer to enjoy the moment, rather than having to endure the awkwardness of not knowing who they are talking to.    

While the efficacy of the app is open to debate, it is encouraging to see app-based technology being used for purposes beyond hooking up with strangers. 

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