My little pony

Amazon was once a company that just sold books online but now with Amazon Prime you can buy just about everything, including tiny horses.

Cute animals have long been popular internet and social media fare and in a newly released spot, the everything store has upped the cuteness factor with a spot showing a lonely miniature pony out in a field pining for a companion.

The tiny horse is dropped off in a field with a herd of large horses who cruelly reject their pint sized would be stable mate who just wants their friendship.

Luckily, our tiny equine protagonist finds a heroine in the shape of the woman who notices his suffering. As is to be expected, she logs onto her Amazon prime via tablet and purchases the tiny horse.

Animals and their cuteness are still hugely popular in advertising and online as demonstrated amongst the top five most viral videos of 2015 so far, which featured monkeys, dogs and horses. The Amazon video which tells the story of a relationship between a human and an animal in a saccharine and sappy sort of a way is also reminiscent of the series of Clydesdale advertisements Budweiser have put out telling the story of an American rancher, his beloved Clydesdales and, in later episodes a puppy as starred in this year’s super bowl offering from the beer manufacturer.

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