Air New Zealand celebrates Valentine’s Day with an emotional reunion

Last month we saw Air New Zealand ask Kiwis who they’ll be missing on Valentine’s Day and following hundreds of responses, the airline has reunited a pair to who Valentine’s Day carries great significance.

Air New Zealand received over 260 comments on its ‘Love’ video shared on Facebook, with people expressing their longing for family members, friends and lovers overseas. But it was especially touched by the story of Joanna from Christchurch and her friend Vanessa in the UK.

As the video—by the airline’s in-house team—explains, the pair have been friends since 1994 when they met at work. But it grew into something greater when Vanessa lost her husband on Valentine’s Day in 1996. Since then, Joanna has been a great pillar of support and their friendship has withstood Vanessa’s move to the UK in 1999.

Now, Toffee Pops in tow, Joanna has travelled to the other side world to surprise her friend.

The choice to reunite friends, rather than lovers, on Valentine’s Day is a continuation of the message in the ‘Love’ video that love means different things to different people, and there are all kinds of love around the world.

Last month, general manager of global brand and content marketing Jodi Williams told StopPress the airline connects thousands of loved ones every day, and these magical moments are behind the global invitation for people to share who they’ll be missing on 14 February.

“Reuniting loved ones is one of the greatest privileges of our industry and it’s this joy of bringing together cousins, sisters, friends, grandparents and partners that we’re celebrating.”

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