AI takes on the challenge of making a movie trailer

If the new Morgan thriller doesn’t scare viewers about AI enough, the fact its trailer was made by a computer might.

Morgan is thriller about artificial intelligence and in an effort to continue the theme, Twentieth Century Fox approached IBM to use the computing power of Watson, one of the most advanced AIs in the world, to create the trailer.

The video shows how Watson analysed the movie and was able to determine the happy, sad, tender and scary moments. Does that mean Watson is able to feel?

Well, Morgan director Luke Scott’s interview in the video suggests its a possibility when he says: “I don’t think AI has any value until it does start to understand and calibrate those emotions for itself”.

Once Watson had the extracted the salient moments for the trailer, the IBM humans stepped in to do the arranging and editing.

As well as making movie trailers, Watson’s intelligence has also been used to make decisions for travel and cooking and soon to be more – if the future of IBM Watson is anything to go by.

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