Ads of the Week: 4 July

Who’s if for: Voltaren by Impact PR, BrandWorld and PHD

Why we like it: With the All Blacks facing their final match against the Lions this weekend, a rugby-themed campaign is a timely release by Voltaren. It’s also likely to have caused some excitement in King’s High School where All Black Ben Smith’s out of the black uniform and on the school’s field training with school’s first XV team. As a former student of the school, that’s where Smith honed his rugby skills and his inspirational message to the students to keep pursuing their dreams may one day see another rugby star come out of King’s. 

Who’s it for: Kraft Heinz by Y&R NZ

Why we like it: Clean eating is growing in popularity and despite being unable to snap and Instagram their #healthyfood habits, babies are no exception to the trend with mums scouring the ingredients list to ensure their little ones get the best on offer. In this case, it’s Heinz’s infant food pouches that face a tough interrogation in a clever play on the popular Border Security programme, in which a mini-me border security officer questions a mini-me holiday-goer.

Who’s it for: The University of Otago by Rainger & Rolfe

Why we like it: Starting university can be daunting, particularly when moving to a new city so who better to put new students at ease than other students. The campaign cleverly avoids detailed information about courses and administration and instead highlights the student lifestyle and how Dunedin can add to the experience. Classes, assignments, exams and stress are all expected in student life so to instead shine a positive light on the uncertainties, such as social environment and making friends, gives Otago University a unique proposition.

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