Ads of the Week: 24 January

Who’s it for: Subaru by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu

Why we like it: This spot could easily double as a tourism commercial in that it shows off New Zealand just as well as it shows off Subarus. Covering a wide range of classic Kiwi activities as well as a tongue-in-cheek reference to our unpredicatable weather, the ad leaves little doubt that Subaru is part of the local culture.  

Who’s it for: Auckland Transport by Work Communications

Why we like it: Thank you Auckland Transport for finally getting to the root of the problem. Not only does the voiceover put it simply, the addition of the graphics gives a clear demonstration and explains how we should all drive. So far, the video’s clocked up over 10,000 views on Facebook and over 13,000 on YouTube, but we’d like to see it go viral so Auckland—and other traffic jam suffering cities—can spread the jam.

Who’s it for: Toyota by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: While the last effort by Saatchi & Saatchi saw the ad pulled after some took offence to animals embracing hunters, we don’t see this spot hitting any wrong notes. It’s swapped out the rugged, emotionless bloke typically portrayed in car ads, for two softies to show how the Hilux can get men through the hard stuff—both in the terrain and in their emotions. 

Who’s it for: Holden by Special Group

Why we like it: Raising a hand to your fellow drivers is quite a Kiwi thing to do, but the single finger salute certainly creates a bit of intrigue in the ad. Thankfully, a curious kid saves the day by asking the question all the viewers are thinking. And while the ad is simple, it manages to get the core message across in creative and memorable way.    

Who’s it for: Tower Insurance by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu

Why we like it: It’s been a busy few months for loyalty schemes and this cheeky Tower spot is the insurance company’s reminder that it’s an Airpoints partner. Once again, it’s a simple ad, but it relays an important point of difference for the insurance company while simultaneously reminding viewers that contents insurance alleviates some of the worry that comes with leaving your home unoccupied.      

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