Ads of the week: 19 April

Who’s it for: New Zealand Transport Agency by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: This ad is a change of pace for the NZTA, after a series of slightly humorous and quirky ads from earlier in the year, but the serious tone doesn’t make it any less effective. All can relate to that feeling of complete and utter exhaustion and this ad clearly shows the dangers of getting behind the wheel in that state. However, by drawing attention to one group and making shift workers the main characters, it really engages them to consider the message and revise their habits. It may be a dark ad, but the consequences of driving tired are even darker.

Who’s it for: Health Promotion Agency by Y&R

Why we like it: It’s not an easy task to break down preconceived ideas consumers have about food, but the loveable animated cereal boxes give it a good go. Despite being cereal boxes, the quirky series follows the characters through an identity crisis, a very human and therefore relatable thing to do. We can only imagine what the cereal boxes get up to at night when the supermarket is closed.

Who’s it for: Auckland Transport by Republik and Zoomslide

Why we like it: There’s a lot going on in the big city, yet many aren’t sure exactly what. This ad gives much needed insight into the changes surrounding each mode of transport, and how they will benefit Aucklanders. The animated style is a new one for Auckland Transport, however it suits the concept of looking into the future and ads some entertainment to it. Public transport is a topic with many opinions involved, and no doubt more will come to light following this video. 

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