Ads of the Week: 12 September

Who’s it for: ANZ by TBWA

Why we like it: Banking features such as payWave and mobile banking are nothing particularly new, but ANZ is putting them back in the spotlight to show how they can be incorporated into our lives to make keeping on top of finances easier. The characters Dotti and Leon do a good job of demonstrating how fluid the services are as they make payments and transfer money on the go, and those who have yet to embrace the services will likely watch this spot and wonder why they don’t.

Who’s it for: Health Promotion Agency by GSL Promotus

Why we like it: With the aim of getting people to consider whether or not their gambling habit is stiff fun, the sight of a group of friends dancing and singing before one breaks away to sit alone and gamble is the perfect contrast to show what is and isn’t fun. According to Health Promotion Agency, approximately 225,000 New Zealanders experience some degree of harm or negative consequences related to gambling and by showing a gambler out with unsuspecting friends, it shows that anyone could have a problem.

Who’s it for: New World by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: It was this time last year New World was trading in its Little Shop for Little Garden and it’s a move that appears to have paid off for it as the ‘grow your own garden’ promotion is back for round two. Just like last time, seedling kits are earned for every $40 spent at the supermarket, however, what has changed is the target audience. While the previous campaign was full of children, this time around the New World has acknowledged Little Garden’s popularity with adults as the ad shows people of all ages getting amongst the plants to prove they have green fingers.

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