Ads of the week: 10 April

Who’s it for: Dine by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: It’s terrible when your cat ignores you and even worse when you realise you’ve never seen its face, as is the case for the gentleman in this spot. While it is a slight exaggeration, cat owners know the pain of rejection from their pets. Instead of telling the audience how good the food will be for their cats, Dine has gone in a different direction to show how good having the cat treats will be for you, the owner – the chance for cuddles and attention.

Who’s it for: Meridian by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu

Why we like it: With Jeremy Wells’ dry humour and enthusiasm, this ad takes you along on the journey. From Wells’ patriotic flag suit to the off-kilter anthem, the serious but slightly silly tone seems to get the message across. We’re a competitive bunch, so appealing to us to beat Norway by getting more electric cars seems a good way to go about it.

Who’s it for: The Project by MediaWorks

Why we like it: With Jeremy Corbett filling the shoes of departing comedian Josh Thomson on The Project, MediaWorks saw an opportunity to say why it should be the 7pm news and current affairs show. With some humour and a little bit of glam, we see behind the scenes as fellow hosts Kanoa Llyod and Jesse Mulligan get prepped for the show, with Corbett appearing as they walk down the hallway towards the studio. The countdown of the clock as the action unfolds adds some drama to the spot and builds anticipation for the new host.

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