Ads@6: 31 Aug-3 Sep

In a New Zealand first, StopPress has collected all the week’s most expensive TVCs into one handy place: here. Why? Not because they’re good. Some (arise, Sir Harvey Norman) are something else. But hey, when you’re spending so much so often, it pays for us to listen.

So every Friday we’ll be running five working days of Ads@6 (to be more precise, the first ad break after the start of the news). Then once a month we’ll invite a media expert to explain how much is being spent and why they’re spending, and that tells us about advertising, life and everything. Exclusive market intelligence and ongoing data – what a service.

We’ve got three days worth of data here to give you an idea.

No, please don’t thank us.

Just pass the link on!

TV3, 3 September  2009

Youtube Video

  1. Movie, Young Victoria
  2. Noel Leeming, computer price slash
  3. Moccona classic
  4. Whitney Houston, album, I look to you
  5. Neat Feat
  6. Nintendo DS, Brain training
  7. Sunsweet Prunes
  8. F1 the great design race on now at Te Papa
  9. Continental, fresh in the kitchen
  10. The rhythms of Ireland, Irish dance tour

TV One, 3 September 2009

Youtube Video

  1. Harvey Norman, furniture and bedding sale
  2. Vodafone, free broadband until 2010
  3. It’s hard to do two things at the same time, distracted drivers are dangerous
  4. Movie, Pelham 123
  5. The Warehouse, Father’s day
  6. Pataks, Chicken Masala simmer sauce
  7. Bunnings, Father’s day

TV3, 2 September 2009

Youtube Video

  1. Sudafed
  2. Supercheap Auto
  3. New Zealand Beef and Lamb
  4. Dell
  5. Powerball jackpot
  6. Cash converters
  7. Subway, sub of the day
  8. Harvery Norman, furniture and bedding 40% off
  9. New World, classroom show and tell

TV One, 2 September 2009

Youtube Video

  1. Stihl Chainsaws, death bed
  2. Southern Cross travel insurance
  3. Harvey Norman, computers, Big deal
  4. Whitney Houston, album, I look to you
  5. Palmer’s Garden centres
  6. Briscoes, sale tomorrow 30-50% off everything
  7. Lotto, Father’s day, Big Boy’s toys, Triple dip

TV One, 31 August 2009

Youtube Video

  1. Westpac, hybrid v muscle car
  2. Dell, laptops with Windows Vista
  3. Fleetwood Mac, TSB Bowl, New Plymouth
  4. Huffer T-Shirts for sale at the Warehouse with the Sign On design from Greenpeace
  5. Airwick freshmatic imotion, animals at home
  6. S26 Gold Toddler and a chance to win $200 if you find the pink scoop
  7. Colour Screen Fences, get a free brochure
  8. 7 Worlds Collide, original songs from Neil Finn, Bic Runga … Oxfam
  9. New Holden Barina 5 door hatchback
  10. New World, classroom show and tell

TV3, 31 August 2009

Youtube Video

  1. Dove soap
  2. Pascalls Marshmallows
  3. Black and White
  4. Rhys Darby, let your crazy work out, Loud Shirt Day
  5. Briscoes, mailer out now
  6. Vodafone, free broadband until 2010
  7. Sakata, now in foil for extra crunch

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