Adidas teases the masses with a glimpse of the new All Blacks jersey

Given that there are no surprises left in rugby, with the All Blacks winning pretty much every game by a margin of around 30 points, marketers have to find different ways to elicit some suspense from the sport. And one way Adidas is doing that is by launching a teaser campaign in anticipation of the new All Blacks jersey set to be released later this week.   

This teaser comes off the back of Saturday’s victory against Australia, which saw the All Blacks break the world record for the most wins in a row.  

The teaser as well as the upcoming full campaign have both been developed by Augusto, which works with Adidas in this market.

Adidas has sponsored the All Blacks since 1999, progressively introducing new jerseys over the years and giving fans something to spend their cash on.  

In 2014, when Adidas last unveiled a jersey, Augusto developed a campaign calling it the blackest jersey ever—and given the run the All Blacks have enjoyed, Adidas seems to be sticking to a winning formula, attaching the slogan #BlackReinforced to the latest teaser campaign.  

The new jersey is set to be unveiled on Friday.

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