Adshel serves up female grunts and charity panels

Adshel is making a habit of bringing sports to the world of public transport and it did it again during January’s ASB Classic, treating commuters to some unique ‘courtside’ action by combining specially designed bus shelters, posters, decals and even the modern scourge of female tennis, ridiculous grunting. 

On the outside facing panel of the shelter, the poster creative by TBWA featured the view from behind a tennis player who was mid-serve.

On the inside panel, the poster showed the same tennis player front on continuing with her serve motion, with a decal used at the other end of the shelter to illustrate cracks around a tennis ball that was embedded in the glass.

And to add to the illusion, speakers blasted an occasional effort-laden grunt from the shelter.

Adshel also instituted a novel and successful Christmas promotion last year, offering its clients and business partners the opportunity to donate an advertising panel to one of 25 charities in Australia and New Zealand.

In total, 958 panels were donated and the promotion was based on the idea that at Christmas, instead of receiving hams and mince meat pies, Adshel’s partners might prefer to give something to charity.

Upon receiving Adshel’s Christmas message, the recipient was directed to a mini-site where they could view the various charities and select one they would like to donate an Adshel advertising panel to.

Adshel has provided more than $7,600,000 in free media space to cultural organisations and charities across Australia and New Zealand in the last 10 years.

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