A strong wake-up call: BC&F Dentsu and L’affare launch ‘Mighty’ coffee

BC&F Dentsu has strengthened creative and coffee cravings in its latest campaign for L’affare coffee roasters.

In no greater time has strong coffee been needed than now. Answering the calls, L’affare produced its ‘Mighty’ coffee, a new blend no available to consumers.

BC&F Dentsu worked alongside L’affare to promote this new, hefty blend.

“This coffee is no Ponsonby Pooch, it has serious bite, and it should be approached with caution.” Rob Longuet-Higgins, associate creative director, BC&F Dentsu. 

The Wellington coffee roasters are launched ‘Mighty’ with out-of-home and time-targeted digital.

Selena Hurndell Bulled, marketing manager of L’affare says the campaign was a great way to show their dedication to a strong brew.

“We like our coffee strong and we know our customers do too. Our Head Roaster and Coffee Specialist have developed ‘Mighty’ with that in mind. We think it will deliver the punch people have been looking for in a premium, fresh roasted coffee brand,” says Hurndell Bulled.


Client – L’affare

Agency – BC&F Dentsu

Photography – Jono Parker

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