A message from Strategy’s Geoff Cranko and Guy Pask

Strategy’s Christchurch offices took a bit of a beating after the last quake in September. But group managing partner Geoff Cranko and group creative director/founder Guy Pask have been in touch and it seems everyone is safe. Cranko: “The most important factor is that all our staff are safe and well. First advice is that our building is going to be out of commission for some time so we are looking for some new space for the studio. Thank goodness for our studios in Auckland and Sydney. I will keep you posted.” Pask: “Luckily everyone is okay. Will give you an update when we have a clearer idea of what’s happening.”

Auckland-based managing partner Martin O’Sullivan has been in contact every day and he says they’re both in good spirits, despite severe damage to both their homes. Neither of them have been able to get back into the office on the corner of Montreal and Salisbury Streets but the most important thing, he says, is that the 20 staff and their families are all accounted for.

If anyone has any questions, enquiries should be directed to O’Sullivan on 09 360 1944 or 021 773 134.

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