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Today, Scroll Media is more than pure programmatic. Managing director Jane Ormsby talks us through its programmatic channels, IO sales, custom integrated campaigns and more.

In today’s evolving landscape, no one can afford to rest on their laurels and Scroll Media has demonstrated that in its offer. How have you evolved since day one?

We started Scroll Media back in the middle of last year focusing on being a premium programmatic ad network. We grouped around 12 premium publishers together, on-boarded the relevant technology partners (Rubicon Project and AppNexus and others) and set up Private Market Place and Programmatic Guaranteed deals and away we went. This has allowed advertisers access to inventory not commonly available via real-time bidding before.

We soon learned we could help advertisers reach these audiences with sponsored content, native, social media, integration in a more bespoke customised way as well. It was nice to be recognised for this when we recently were named Finalists for Display Sales Excellence Award and Digital Start Up of the Year Award at NZ IAB Awards 2019. Now Scroll Media business reps around 20 premium publishers, with programmatic display, native and video growing steadily, and our Integration side of the business has quickly doubled in size.

Do you work with agencies, advertisers – or both? We focus on agencies primarily, however we do work with direct clients, if that’s the clients prerogative.

Is it a case of using one or the other with your different advertising opportunities, or should marketers be using a combination? It depends on the objective and what you’re trying to achieve. Is it to drive targeted traffic to your website or is it big brand awareness. I would suggest looking at the options on offer and ask for some case studies of what has worked before. My advice would be to test native, sponsored content, integration alongside programmatic, test as much as creatively possible and learn from the results.

What sort of audiences do you offer?

We are the representatives for a bunch of premium publishers, so we offer a diverse range of audiences. From the corporate, business audience on www.Scoop and www.NZX.com, to financial intenders on www.interest.co.nz through to rugby fans on www.rugbypass.com and www.nrl.com and gamers on www.gameplanet.co.nz, we have a range of audiences we can offer the keen digital marketer.

In your sponsored content offer, why is it important that you’ve partnered with premium New Zealand and Australian publishers?

Our publishers are busy creating their own content and audiences, and they rely on us to bring in sponsored content from brands that offer their audiences relevant interesting content. As long as it’s clearly marked as “Sponsored” it’s a unique opportunity for brands to tell their story in the main news feed of a premium publisher where it’s possibly more likely to resonate than standard display.

WeChat is a Chinese social media platform – why should marketers be using it in their mix?

There are over 170,000 Chinese living in New Zealand consuming premium brands and services and WeChat receives 120,000 of them a week! There are also millions more in China. Setting up an official account with WeChat is the first step to reaching these audiences, then its managing the posts and media along with it. We have this expertise and finesse for this process, and are seeing the WeChat audience as very valuable to certain clients.

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