60 minutes, no lights, 424 human pixels, one very cool TVC

Youtube VideoEarth Hour is set to take place on 26 March. And, after 2008’s TVC was viewed 1.3 million times on YouTube, it’s launched a new global commercial for the 2011 edition in an effort to increase awareness and get people to take action ‘beyond the hour’.

Produced by @Radical Media and Leo Burnett Chicago, the TVC represents the next phase for the annual ‘lights off’ event, which encourages individuals to take action in their daily lives and highlights how much can be achieved when people come together.

The TVC was filmed in 40 takes in just 12 hours with 33 crew members at Sydney’s Fox Studios and a cast of around 100 volunteers used their bodies to suspend individual ‘pixels’. Up to 424 individual pixels formed the images of the globe, a light bulb, bicycle and plus sign.  During the filming process, each pixel was individually mapped out by award winning director, Greg Jardin.

“Leo Burnett has been proudly involved in the Earth Hour movement since its inception in 2007. The beauty of this campaign is that it sticks to the simplicity of the Earth Hour message, whilst allowing people to think about what else they can do, in their everyday lives, to extend their action beyond that hour,” says Vince Geraghty, senior vice president content architect at Leo Burnett.

This TVC follows the recent introduction of a special Earth Hour logo featuring a plus sign after the “60”.

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