3 shades of grey: I Love Ugly straps in with Jansport, shoots in Chicago for new backpack range

Whether it’s Google and Luxottica, Spotify and Uber or Whittaker’s and Lewis Road Creamery, strategic partnerships and co-branding initiatives can be a good way to breathe some new life into both parties, increase distribution and, if you’re lucky, add some joy to the lives of consumers. And Kiwi fashion label I Love Ugly’s collaboration with global accessories brand Jansport is already paying dividends. 

Capsule collab from Jansport and Kiwi retailer I Love Ugly

The co-branded backpacks come in three variations and are apprently made to suit the specific requirements of musicians, designers and photographers. I Love Ugly says they have been designed with both brands’ passion for attention to detail and quality in mind. 

The label’s creative director and founder, Valentin Ozich, says the Jansport brand holds a nostalgic appeal for modern consumers. And it’s shot a two-minute video clip in Chicago to celebrate the partnership.  

“We wanted to pare the bags right back to resonate with I Love Ugly’s refined, sophisticated and simple style but at the same time build on the classic features that everybody loves about Jansport. Every kid grew up wearing a Jansport bag. Here is our interpretation with subtle touches that turn this into a modern classic.”

The collab bags are sold through Jansport’s stockists throughout the Asia Pacific region and as far afield as Israel and Los Angeles. Launched on 30 July, each variety has already sold out on I Love Ugly’s website.


Photos: Michael Salisbury 

Video: Ryan Chun

  • An edited version of this story originally appeared on The Register. 

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