Pure SEO welcomes Duncan Steenkamp and Nikita Patel to team

Digital marketing agency Pure SEO is welcoming two new additions to the team, Nikita Patel and Duncan Steenkamp.

Starting on September 13, 2023, Nikita Patel brings her expertise in search engine marketing to the Pure SEO team. As an SEM Specialist, she is responsible for strategically managing online advertising campaigns to increase visibility, drive traffic, and achieve clients’ marketing goals. Her comprehensive responsibilities range from keyword research, ad campaign creation, and optimisation to quality score improvement and competitive analysis.

Patel’s journey into digital marketing began with her keen interest in computer applications and website development. Patel’s transition into her current role started during the pandemic with pursuing a Digital Marketing Certification. Upon arriving in New Zealand last November, her search for the perfect digital marketing role came to an end, finding the perfect fit at Pure SEO.

Duncan Steenkamp joined the Pure SEO team on September 4, 2023. As an Account Manager, Steenkamp focuses on nurturing relationships between clients, internal collaborators, and external stakeholders. His main goal is to ensure all parties are aligned, and clients’ digital presences are up-to-date.

Steenkamp’s professional background is rich and diverse. He has been engrossed in relationship management and sales environments, and before joining Pure SEO, he was a financial planner in the financial services industry. His move to New Zealand five months ago marked a significant transition, using the opportunity to pivot industries.

What excites Steenkamp about his role at Pure SEO is the amalgamation of his passions: marketing, people, and analytics. He’s eager to work with clients, leveraging data and insights to enhance their marketing strategies.

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