MBM announces new general manager role

MBM has announced today the appointment of Penelope Brown to fill its newly created general manager role.

Brown has been with the company for four years, with the promotion effective as she now returns from maternity leave.

Brown said she is thrilled to be back with MBM.

“It has been an epic four years for me personally, seeing the agency grow from 30 to 80 staff while delivering success to our clients through the breadth and depth of offerings we have here at MBM. Coming back into this new role gives me a real sense of pride. Seeing the awesome work being done in our data and analytics, content and account service teams gives me confidence that we are in a stronger position than ever to navigate the challenges this new landscape will bring.”

Sean McCready, managing partner of MBM said the group we delighted to have Brown back into the team.

“She is one of the best client managers in the industry and with her energy and strategic smarts back in the mix, I know that both our clients and MBM will continue to succeed and grow. I believe our senior team is the one of the strongest around and having Pen back on board adds even more depth.”

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