IDC Worldwide welcomes Camilla Rutherford to roster

IDC Worldwide, a company that represents New Zealand’s premier photography talent to the world, has announced the addition of the renowned adventure and lifestyle photographer, Camilla Rutherford, to its roster of photography, cinematography, and directing talents.

IDC Agent Michele Richards-Berry says bringing Rutherford on board was a “natural next step”, having worked with her on previous campaigns. “Camilla is a fantastic storyteller whose unwavering drive and considered approach creates consistently beautiful work.”

Rutherford’s career has seen her capture stills and motion for brands such as Tourism New Zealand, The North Face, Air New Zealand and Canon NZ.

Her outstanding commercial work and touching personal projects have received international recognition across various photography award bodies. She is a Spotlight Award finalist across multiple categories, recently winning the 2023 Kids category with her “Farm Kid’s Nap Time” image. In 2022, Rutherford won the IPA’s Stills in Motion category with her short film “Hut on the Hill”, with another short film “Hide and Seek in the Woolshed” placing third. 

Armed with a background in film, Rutherford’s innate talent for storytelling and connecting with people from all walks of life lends itself to the deeply emotive photography and motion she is renowned for. 

She says joining IDC “came at the right time.”

“I’ve known Michele for over 10 years and always appreciated her honesty. She has a deep understanding of my work and pushes me to be the best artist I can be. I’m excited to partner with Michele and the IDC team to create internationally recognised work as I continue my career as an image maker and storyteller.”

A self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, Rutherford likens the rush of taking on a big job to the feeling she gets before tackling a steep ski slope. It’s the invigorating challenge and the sheer joy that comes with making magic that propels her forward. 

To inquire about working with Rutherford or more info on IDC Worldwide, please get in touch with Michele Richards-Berry at [email protected]

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