The compendium: 7 February

This weeks theme is ‘Ads I straight up just did not enjoy’ find out why as I snoop around our international intertubes to find something to complain about.

And I thought I was overly dramatic. This Ascot campaign is James Bond meets Downtown Abby meets the mistreatment of horses. What I gathered from what they’re trying to promote is go home with someone you met that day and lose more money to the rich.

I am strongly against the narrative that ~hUmaNs aRE sO UsELess wE aLWaYs nEeD wIFi~. If your whole THREE MINUTE ADS only touchpoint is that humans get bored on a 6-hour flight without wifi then don’t expect much in return. Do you know what would really sell American Airlines to me? If they didn’t squeeze people in like cattle to make money on an already overpriced flight and weren’t constantly in the news for racial discrimination and mistreatment of passengers. But all that’s water under the bridge now because they have Wifi. Awesome.

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