Ads of the week: September 1

A unique variety of ads this week, however nonetheless creative and encouraging.

Who is it for: Radio Hauraki for the Movember Foundation

Why we like it: A staggering 654 people died by suicide in NZ in the year to June, with 471 of those deaths being men. Men’s mental health is a massive issue in New Zealand and needs addressing much more frequently than it is. We commend Radio Hauraki for putting their content to the side and taking a day of silence to encourage men to talk.

Who is it for: Quantum Jump for Let’s Eat

Why we like it: As the plant-based food industry grows, Quantum Jump has done a fantastic job of making the meatless Let’s Eat products look like the best in the market. The campaign’s strong visuals and engaging digital elements have left all of us wanting to give a tasty tender a try.

Who is it for: Special Group for Optus

Why we like it: This campaign is all about positivity and saying yes, which we think is greatly needed in times like these. Special Group has brought Optus’ vision to life and demonstrated that a small idea can grow bigger over time and bring with it a great sense of achievement and pride.

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