Ads of the week: 19 November

Who is it for? Pak’nSave by FCB
Why we like it: As a huge fan of Christmas it’s hard not to like anything festive. The low-budget version of some of the blockbuster advertisements plays well into Pak’nSave’s ethos. The voice of Paul Ego keeps me awake at night.

Who is it for? The Urban Art Foundation by oOh!media
Why we like it: A fantastic way to show the fragility of our native species by taking them to the street. The artwork shows the importance to respect the species that used to call New Zealand home before we fucked up and either ate them all or drove them out with rapid urbanisation.

Who is it for? V Energy by Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Why we like it: The list of positives for this ad are slim. I am, however, happy I don’t exist in the mind of young male because that shit looks like a mess.

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