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Sealord’s new logo gets complimented in one breath while its fishing practices get butchered in another

When Sealord unveiled its new logo in May this year, feedback wasn’t overly kind and elsewhere more than a few comments suggested the company should instead focus on improving its sustainability credentials. Fastforward to July and the company was busy championing its deal to supply McDonald’s restaurants in Europe with Marine Stewardship Council certified hoki fish from New Zealand. But try as it might to churn out the positive PR, Sealord’s ocean practices are never far from the limelight, especially when Greenpeace is keeping a close eye on developments. The organisation yesterday launched a massive outdoor ‘subvertising’ campaign in Auckland to expose Sealord’s sale of tuna caught using destructive fishing methods. The campaign includes posters and banners that feature the new Sealord logo along with the words ‘Nice Logo. Bad Tuna’ that were deployed along main routes into the city and throughout the city centre by volunteers.