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Branson’s book of secrets: Derek Handley’s two year learning curve

Derek Handley, co-founder of the Hyperfactory, Snakk Media chair, Sky board member, executive professor at AUT and author of Heart to Start, made the decision to dedicate one year of his life to working alongisde Richard Branson on The B Team, a global leadership force that’s on a mission to catalyse better ways of doing business for the wellbeing of people and our planet. Two years later, here’s what he’s learned.

Horse’s Mouth: Derek Handley

At 22, Derek Handley became the country’s youngest ever managing director of a listed company. Around ten years later, he sold The Hyperfactory to US marketing behemoth Meredith. And now, in between helping create the ‘future of reading’ with Booktrack, he has announced plans to list his latest venture, mobile media specialist Snakk Media, on New Zealand’s alternative stock exchange. He’s also co-founded an organisation alongside Sir Richard Branson called The B Team that aims to find a new and more sustainable version of capitalism. So what does the future look like to him?