New Zealand – a country where tourism is giving back more than it takes

New Zealand is known for its stunning landscapes and scenery. The country’s beautiful and varied natural offering helps keep New Zealand at the top of holiday list for millions of people across the globe.

What sets New Zealand apart, however, is its unique Kiwi culture, warm welcome and the collaborative work going on by the country’s tourism sector and Government to ensure that tourism gives back more than it takes.

“Travel across New Zealand’s unique regions and you will experience a level of hospitality like no other,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall.

“Invitations to dinner, offers of transportation, and referrals of must-see places to visit are common and this is what our visitors remember about their time with us and why they recommend us to their friends and family.”

Increasingly visitors are looking to travel to places doing the right thing, places looking after their environment and where tourism operators demonstrate sustainable practices.

“New Zealand is doing fantastic work to ensure that tourism gives back more than it takes, that tourism benefits our people, communities and home all while giving visitors the holiday of their lives.

“Ensuring that New Zealand and New Zealanders benefit from tourism is the reason I chose to work at Tourism New Zealand. Our values of Courage, Care and Connection are at the core of what we do and how we approach each other, our work and our partnerships.”

Last year New Zealand welcomed around 3.8 million international visitors, it’s the country’s top export earner delivering nearly $17 billion each year. It’s also a significant employer, with one in seven New Zealanders directly or indirectly employed in the visitor economy.

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ campaign is strong on the global stage. It’s the longest running destination campaign, an award winner and considered one of the most successful destination brands in the world. The idea behind 100% Pure New Zealand is the promise of an only in New Zealand experience. A truly unique combination of culture, inspiring scenery and amazing things to do that embrace our visitors. It is this story that draws people to our shores.

Stephen England-Hall says this comes down to New Zealanders and their passion for sharing their home and culture with visitors. And its why the organisation is about to launch a new campaign, the evolution of the ‘100% Pure’ campaign that captures this uniqueness.

The organisation’s innovative and award-winning work is led by the Marketing team who work across the organisation and industry partners.

“Integration of our work across our teams is key to our success.” says England-Hall. “We are a sum of all our parts and the expertise of our offshore staff is crucial in guiding our work.”

Tourism New Zealand is currently recruiting for a permanent Director Marketing to head its award-winning marketing team. This is a rare opportunity to join a world-renowned global marketing organisation and help shape the New Zealand story at home and on the global stage.

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