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Got lawyers? Fonterra’s potential trademark trouble—UPDATED

Goodby Silverstein and Partners’ Got Milk? campaign for the California Milk Processor Board was one of the most memorable campaigns of the ’90s and became part of the pop cultural furniture in the US. It helped increased milk consumption in California, it has spawned a host of parodies and it’s still going strong today. So why is the phrase being used by Fonterra to advertise its Anchor brand?

The delicate art of the cease and desist letter

Earlier this year, Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc issued a cease and desist letter to author Patrick Wensink regarding the cover design of his recent novel, Broken Piano For President, which closely resembled the Jack Daniel’s whiskey label. And, as AJ Park’s Damian Broadley and Jude Antony write, the company’s response is a great reminder that the tone and approach of any communication should be carefully considered.

Social media: check yourself before you wreck yourself

The use of social media as a business tool is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are just some of the websites used to promote businesses and products, as well as being excellent tools for interacting directly with customers and associates. But there can be risks associated with publishing too much information online, particularly in relation to your intellectual property. So what steps can you take to ensure that you are getting the best exposure possible without jeopardising it?