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Social enterprise shows how VR can save New Zealand’s endangered birds

For Conservation Week this week, social enterprise Squawk Squad and virtual reality studio M Theory have joined forces to go into the classroom and get children excited about saving New Zealand’s native birds through VR technology. The experience takes the viewer through a forest journey alongside a robin bird, who encountering friends and predators along the way.

Can tech save te reo Māori? These entrepreneurs think so

As the proverb says, ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria (“my language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul”). And while there is plenty of attention being placed on our native tongue during Māori Language Week – and an increasing interest from Pākehā in learning the language – Census data shows the number of people who can hold a conversation in te reo Māori on the decline. Many are looking to new technologies for revitalisation – and in the hope that it could get new speakers on board, too.

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Ground-breaking research investigates how New Zealanders are influenced by the Age of Acceleration

Media typically aims to reflect reality. But it can also influence it. In the interests of better understanding the supernova of technological change and globalisation, Bauer’s research division Insights IQ, has been examining how New Zealanders are responding to this unprecedented pace of change – and it appears kiwis are feeling pretty overwhelmed.

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