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Content, content, content: a big time sap for marketers?

Many marketers are struggling in managing the mass of content that they are required to publish across media channels, according to a new global study from Accenture. Of the 1,078 senior marketers surveyed across 17 countries, 53 percent said that they spend more time on operational details—including, but not limited to, requirements documentation, securing legal and leadership approval and content tagging—rather than core marketing and branding activities. And Kiwi brands are facing many of the same issues.

What ‘New Auckland’ means for marketers

Inspired by a conversation with Al Brown on the new-found optimisim surrounding Auckland, James Hurman set out to discover why people were feeling so good about the city. Then, after speaking to 50 leading Aucklanders, he compiled a report that aims to create a shared understanding of ‘New Auckland’. These are some of the main insights.