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The taste of science: Sonny Bill signs up as Coca-Cola mascot, spruiks new energy drink

Just before the RWC began, Sonny Bill Williams’ management kicked up a bit of a stink when the NZRU decreed that he wasn’t allowed to sign a sponsorship deal with a drinks company considered to be a rival to official All Blacks sponsor Coca-Cola. It turned out he should have been thankful for the denial, because the interested suitor, South Pacific Beverages, used actor Ben Barrington to front one of the biggest turkeys of the year for its Pure Energy brand and Coca-Cola then decided to sign up the man mountain themselves (for an undisclosed sum, of course) as an official ambassador to help launch its new fizzy 300ml Powerade Fuel+, which aims to snatch a share of the energy drink market.

Aaaaooooga! Pure Energy’s all natural nudevertising

Sometimes you see an ad and wonder what those responsible for it were thinking. And we couldn’t help but notice this one starring The Almighty Johnson’s Ben Barrington for Pure Energy, an all-natural ‘healthy’ energy drink. It’s made by South Pacific Beverages, the company that got knocked back by the NZRU (and, by extension All Blacks’ sponsors Coca-Cola) when it tried to get Sonny Bill Williams to endorse the product. But, judging by this ad, he’s probably thankful for the supposed double-standard.