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Rude, abusive but legal – how to handle toxic comments

Rude, abusive and offensive; it all makes good reading but publishers of social media — who can range from bloggers and niche media to mega-corporations and governments — must deal with the difficult question of what to do when comments go bad. On the one hand, you want to let comments flow freely (this is a democracy still, I think). On the other hand, some comments are anonymous, abusive, stupid and occasionally defamatory.

What’s a poor boy to do?

Measuring success

Nobody has the definitive solution for how to measure the success of Social Media. At least not yet.

Sure, you can talk about online ‘buzz’ created by how many blog posts, tweets, videos, status updates etc. that occurred for a certain brand, person or topic, but what’s ‘buzz’?

Brainy Breakfast brainstorms Twitter

The Marketing Association presents its November Jericho Brainy Breakfast session: all about Twitter. Why is it so big? How do you use it effectively?

Microblogging is put under the microscope and three industry experts report back and answer your questions. Anthony Gardiner, media specialist at NZ Army, Andy Blood, executive …

Ecostore hosts Twitter party

Set your alarms for 3pm NZ time on Thursday 1 October: ecostore founder Malcolm Rands, also known as Eco Man, will be hosting a one-hour party in cyberspace via Twitter. This is your chance to chat tweet-to-tweet and get some sustainable living tips from this successful and insightful eco-entrepreneur. His …

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