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The trouble with sharing

There have been plenty of column inches dedicated to matters of online security and data collection in recent months. So how easy is it for ‘freaks to take over your life?’ by stealing someone’s identity? Duval Guillaume Modem, the Belgian agency behind the fantastic ‘Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square’, decided to find out by scaring the bejesus out of one Tom Degroote in an effort to draw attention to safe internet banking behaviour.

Ubiquity’s guide to avoiding digital leaks

As the world becomes increasingly digital, marketers everywhere continue to grapple with the thorny issues around digital marketing. Thankfully, the knowledgeable folk from Ubiquity are here to help you navigate the treacherous e-waters. So, every two months we’ll be running a Q+A to answer all your burning questions about digital marketing (send topic suggestions to [email protected]). To get the ball rolling, some sage advice on how to ensure the security of your customer information, a topic that’s been getting a bit of press recently thanks to Telecom, AA and others.