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Samuel L Jackson! Face arcade! Throat worms! Fun for two! Follow the frog! Bond! iPhone 5! Fragrance! Wrong Direction! MySpace! Extra time! Linkage!

Samuel L Jackson reprises his Go the Fuck to Sleep role for Wake the Fuck up; Welly digi-maniacs Resn use the face; the hottest new dieting craze; selling smart cars with skateboarding; a call to arms for the middle classes from the Rainforest Alliance; Gin Wigmore becomes New Zealand’s Bond Girl; one of the many iPhone 5 parodies; there’s almost nothing better than a fake fragrance ad; Mitt Romney + One Direction = the Wrong Direction parody; it’s impossible not to use the phrase bringing sexy back when describing the new Justin Timberlakey MySpace; kids explain what they’d do with another five years; best word ever finals; ‘honestly doctor I fell on the eel while I was vacuuming’; and missing children on a 404.