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Where there’s smoke, there’s a buyer: marijuana’s going mainstream overseas, so what would legal weed mean for NZ marketers?

Guess what’s projected to be the fastest-growing business in the US? Apps? The ‘sharing’ economy? The internet of things? Big data? It’s actually … (imagine you hadn’t read the headline or seen the accompanying images) marijuana. So how far away is it in New Zealand? And what opportunities might there be for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers? Henry Oliver gets the rub of the green.

Inspiration for breakfast: Sam Morgan helps launch pimped out Idealog (with pics)

New cover, courtesy of DDB

Idealog was first launched six years ago and it has won best business magazine at the Magazine Awards every year since. Even so, when you’re putting out a mag focused on innovation, there’s always room for improvement, so co-founder and publisher Vincent Heeringa, ex-editor and digital boffin Matt Cooney (the NBR’s Hazel Phillips takes over in mid July), the Image Centre team and DDB, which was responsible for the cover concept and the small ad campaign, gave the old girl a good going over. The latest issue features new sections, a new lay-out, new writers and a soon-to-be-relaunched daily business news service and tablet offering, all filtered through the sieve of innovation and ideas. And to celebrate the transformation, Idealog invited Sam Morgan to speak about some of his business ventures and the importance of media that inspires New Zealanders to try turning their ideas into income.