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‘Let’s do this’ and other examples of changed slogans

Labour today announced that it would be jettisoning its previous slogan, ‘A fresh approach, for the more action-oriented, Nike-esque ‘Let’s do this’ to accompany new leader Jacinda Ardern as she heads into the final seven weeks of the campaign trail. We look at a few other examples of slogans that were dumped and replaced by others.

A matter of trust: Patrick Gower on improving Newshub’s political polling

Combining the best of the old with the rise of the new, Newshub has implemented a new methodology that hopes to get opinion polling right. We talk to political editor Patrick Gower on the reasons behind this change, why polling matters, whether politics is becoming a two-horse race and whether we can still trust the polls (and the media) in light of last year’s shock political events.