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It’s in with the old as Boyce takes PS Vita to the resthome

The myth of the stereotypical gamer as a young, male, energy-drink swilling, junk food-eating light-avoider is (mostly) just that, a myth. An Interactive New Zealand 2010 report found the average video game player was 33, 44 percent were female and 85.5 percent of households had a device to play games on. And the advent of more accessible tech like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii has continued to bring new demographics into the fray. So, in addition to the global launch campaign for Sony’s new handheld PlayStation device Vita, the local Sony Computer Entertainment office and Satellite Media have released five YouTube webisodes featuring Ben “some dude from TV” Boyce and a few guest stars showing off the new gadget to a bunch of old folks in a resthome.