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Leveraging trust: newspapers on the comeback

Peter Thomson, founder of media agency M2M International, ventured to New Zealand to present the keynote address at the New Zealand newspaper industry’s biggest night, the newspaper advertising awards. And given newspapers have survived the advent of radio in the 1930s, cinema news in the ‘40s and TV in the ‘50s, he believes there is no reason to believe they won’t prosper in the digital age.

The future of newspapers, hear all about it

The newspaper industry is certainly not without its naysayers, but in spite of dwindling numbers and organisational shake ups, it’s also full of people that will gladly proclaim the ongoing vitality of the medium. In fact you can expect newspapers to emerge stronger from their current circulation woes and enter 2020 as a leaner, more valued and trusted medium than at any time in the past 50 years, according to Peter Thomson, founder and former chief executive of M2M International. And you can find out for yourself why he’s so sure when he arrives to our shores in September as a keynote speaker at the revamped News Works NZ Advertising Awards.