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Mar/Apr NZ Marketing deemed good enough to eat by experts

Looking for some words to read and pictures to look at? We’ve got just the thing: a freshly minted copy of NZ Marketing magazine. It’s out now, and there’s plenty to sink your eyes into. Our cover star Dave Walden feeds our own Vincent Heeringa some humble pie, during a very long, very expensive and very overdue lunch; James Hurman shares a few parting shots; we look at whether it’s the best or worst time to be in the TV biz, head outdoors to see if 2011 was just a fluke, and talk to some recruitment high-rollers to find out where job hunters should be looking; Nielsen’s AIS figures show 2011’s big spenders–and where they spent it; and there’s a rundown of all the winners of the RSVP and Nexus awards.