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Movings/Shakings: 10 July

Barnes, Catmur & Friends gives a high five, Donovan and Boyd go solo, Toa Fraser joins the 8com roster, First Rate and Market United become one, Radio Rhema names its new chief executive, Massey stalwart professor Philip Gendall receives a new title, online retail advertising network iNC launches in New Zealand, Datamine hires a new geek, and Sam Neill puts his name to short film comp Tropfest.

Q Group adds to Kiwi digital offering as Market United comes to town

The big agencies all seem to be talking about killing off their digital silos and moving them closer to the central nervous system. Yet there are still plenty of new, small digital shops offering their specialist services. And now there’s another new player on the local digital marketing scene after Market United (MU) announced its arrival on Auckland soil, adding to its offices in Sydney and Perth.