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Legalising dope: money maker or social cost?

Two-thirds of New Zealanders support either legalising or decriminalising marijuana, according to a New Zealand Drug Foundation study released this week, and Labour and New Zealand First have come out in support for a referendum on the matter. Henry Oliver looks at what opportunities could be created for marketing and branding if marijuana is legalised, and what it might mean for New Zealand’s economy.

Where there’s smoke, there’s a buyer: marijuana’s going mainstream overseas, so what would legal weed mean for NZ marketers?

Guess what’s projected to be the fastest-growing business in the US? Apps? The ‘sharing’ economy? The internet of things? Big data? It’s actually … (imagine you hadn’t read the headline or seen the accompanying images) marijuana. So how far away is it in New Zealand? And what opportunities might there be for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers? Henry Oliver gets the rub of the green.