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Horse’s Mouth: John Kelly, TVNZ

Earlier this year, TVNZ centralised control of its programming across TV One, TV2 and Ondemand and appointed John Kelly to the newly created role of general manager of programming. Kelly, who first joined the broadcaster as an editor in 1995, shifted across to the programming 2006 and was shortly thereafter promoted to the position of head of programming for TV2. While Kelly is certainly a TVNZ veteran by most definitions, the launch of the new season came with first for him in the sense that he found himself holding the reins of not only TV2, but also of TVOne and TVNZ’s rapidly growing on-demand offering. StopPress popped around to TVNZ’s soon-to-be-previous offices on Auckland’s Hardinge Street to chat to him about his favourite picks of the new season, his thoughts on TVNZ Ondemand, his programming strategy, cancelling shows and what the future holds for the government-backed broadcaster.