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Abe! Jen! Unemployment! Burn! Choking! Yah! Carving! Corkscrews! Clothing optional! Crack! Gospel Bill! Linkage!

Abe Lincoln is a sweetheart; Jennifer Aniston laughs at herself for Smart Water; Benetton courts controversy once again with ‘unemployee of the year’; Benefit cosmetics takes to the streets to dish out a few beauty burns; a very powerful way to promote first aid; Melbourne is pretty much good at everything, including the ads for its film festival; Guinness gets its carve on; Hot Wheels nails the corkscrew world record; an oldie but a goodie from Bud Light; no-one feels it like you do; Gospel Bill teaches his animal friends how to give all their money to the Lord; “Utility is unaspirational”, reinventing the lightbulb, sad impersonators, the world is massive, K-Rob like you’ve never seen him; and you are not a photographer.