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The profitability of purpose

Last year, New Zealand retail giant The Warehouse announced it would stop selling all R18 games and DVDs. It also announced that it would introduce a living wage for many of its staff. These moves will cost the company money in the short-term. But, as Janisa Parag writes, brands that put people and purpose first outperform those that focus on profit.

Additional spring put in publishers’ steps as MPA launches new magazine trade campaign

There’s no denying the print sector has suffered at the hands of the digital revolution and recession double whammy. But as everyone goes gaga over new technology and predictions about the death of anything that isn’t the internet continue to spew forth, it’s easy to forget that good old-fashioned paper-based publications are still holding on and, in many cases, going great guns. Promoting the vitality of magazines as a medium was the basis of a huge ‘Power of Print’ campaign in the US. And now the Magazine Publishers Association and Y&R have just launched a localised version of this message with a new trade campaign called ‘Magazines Add. Add Magazines’.