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Tell bee-related tale, win bee-related whiskey

Jack Daniel’s recently launched its new Tennessee Honey variety and gave bar-goers the opportunity to stick their hand in a ‘hive’ to celebrate (and it was also recently applauded for sending a more human cease and desist letter). We’ve got a couple of bottles of the new elixir to give away, so tell us a moderately entertaining story involving bees and you might get the goods.

The delicate art of the cease and desist letter

Earlier this year, Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc issued a cease and desist letter to author Patrick Wensink regarding the cover design of his recent novel, Broken Piano For President, which closely resembled the Jack Daniel’s whiskey label. And, as AJ Park’s Damian Broadley and Jude Antony write, the company’s response is a great reminder that the tone and approach of any communication should be carefully considered.